Beginner Core Classes

Havilah Dance Company offers a range of introductory classes for students ages 2 through 10 years old who desire to learn the fundamentals of dance. Beginner classes are for the dancer with a year or less of experience, or for those who are looking to brush up on the basics. Classes are 45-minutes of age-appropriate training and are the perfect way to jumpstart a students’ journey in dance!

Fall 2020 Core Curriculum

Tiny Tot Beginner 100 (Ages 2-3)

Tiny Tot Beginner 100 is the ideal introduction to dance and the dance studio classroom for toddlers. Curriculum includes creative movement, pre-ballet and tumbling. The emphasis is on having fun while learning coordination, balance, rhythm and self-confidence. Students learn dance classroom etiquette, such as how to follow directions and take turns. Classes are 45 minutes and are held every Saturday from 10:45-11:30am. Leotard, tights and pink Capezio ballet shoes are required.

Beginner 101 (Ages 4-6)

Beginner 101 is centered towards pre-school through Kindergarten-age beginners. Classes include ballet basics, creative movement and rhythm tap. Focus is on terminology, rhythm, coordination, musical counting, body alignment. Students will learn ballet positions, foundational tap skills, and will be introduced to different combinations of steps and musical styles. Classes are 45 minutes and are held every Wednesday from 4:15-5:00pm. Leotard, tights, pink Capezio ballet shoes and white tap shoes are required.

Beginner 102 (Ages 7-11)

Beginner 102  is the perfect introduction to dance for our older/elementary aged dancers, and includes fun tap rhythms, classical ballet technique and high-energy jazz combinations to upbeat, age appropriate music. Class format consists of warm-up and floor stretches, followed up across-the-floor or center-floor combinations. Students learn tap skills, such as shuffle, flaps, cramp rolls, and time-steps. As students progress, more advanced combinations and skills are introduced – both in jazz & tap. Focus is on use of proper terminology and growing vocabulary, as well as rhythm, coordination, musical counting and body alignment. Classes are 45 minutes and every Saturday from 11:30am-12:15pm. Leotard, tights/leggings/dance-shorts, pink Capezio ballet shoes and tan Capezio ‘Mary-Jane’ tap shoes are required.

2020 Recreational Program Pricing

1st Class of:
30 min – $50/month
45 min – $65/month
60 min – $75/month
75 min – $85/month
90 min – $90/month
1 hr. 45 mins – $95/month
2 hrs. – $100/month

*Additional classes – $20/class per month

Any class you register for beyond that is always only $20!  The longest class is always calculated first. Additionally, as long as you pay by the 5th of the month you will receive a $10 discount on your total tuition.  There is also a discount on tuition for siblings and boys!  Please call for more info.

*Recital participation fee, and costume fee(s) are additional.

Registration, Costume, & Recital Participation Fees

Registration Fee: All recreational students pay an annual registration fee of $45 per student (or $60 per family).

Recital Costume Fee: Recital costume fees run from $70.00-$160.00 depending on which class the student is taking.

Recital Participation Fee: Recital fees help to cover all of the costs involved in presenting a professional production that all of our students and families can be very proud of!  Recital fees are $140 per student OR $165 per family (if siblings are dancing).  This fee includes: unlimited tickets to the show, recital t-shirt for the student(s), family program, award for the student(s), auditorium rental for dress rehearsal and the show, professional stage props and equipment, clean up crew, and a sound and lighting team who work backstage.

Drop-In Rate:

Certain classes allow a student to ‘drop-in’ and pay by the class. Usually these classes are designated on the schedule as open, adult, or continuing education! The drop-in rate is $25 for a one-hour class and $30 for a 90-minute class. Students under the age of 18 are only allowed two drop-in classes per month, otherwise we require that they register for the class. If you are interested in dropping in on a class that is not designated as such, give us a call or email and we will work with you. Additionally, your FIRST CLASS is always FREE with HDC!*