Company Overview

Our competitive program is a company team designed for students ages 4 through 18 who truly feel that dance is one of their utmost gifts, callings, and passions. With 3-12+ required hours (depending on age and level) of commitment per week, competitive dance is not for everyone. However, for those who are able to put in the extra effort, time, and focus, competitive dance provides one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable!


For the 2020-21 dance season, HDC will be holding a 2-part audition/evaluation and training process for aspiring Competition Company Members.  As a part of that process, prospective Company members should plan to participate in and do the following in order to be considered for the team: 

  1. Fill out the Company Intake form between July 10th and 31st.  This form will state your intentions to audition to compete in the 2020-21 dance season.  The deadline to fill out the form to be considered for Company is July 31st.  It is very important that you state your intentions by this date as the process is working differently this year due to COVID-19.    
  2. Select and participate in ONE of the mini intensives from the ‘July Bootcamp Series’ (students can select their choice of intensive based on availability, and are invited to do more than one if they wish)
  3. Participate in ‘HDC’s Summer Intensive’, scheduled for August 10th-14th.  Dancers will be placed by age for the Intensive.  Each age group will have a set time to attend during the week.  Tentatively, each age group will need to plan to attend for 4 days and approximately 5-6 hours of training per day.  The schedule outline for each age group (incl. what day, start time, finish time) will be posted on our site by July 15th.  The detailed class schedule will be emailed to each participant by the weekend before the event.  

**We have transitioned to a 2-part audition and evaluation process at this time because our goal is to gain insight on where prospective dancers currently stand athletically and performance-wise after a long period of time outside of the studio and away from competing.  It is too much, and potentially unsafe, to wait until mid-August to begin evaluating dancers and expect them to participate in the same high-level of intensive training expected from them in the past without requiring both a self-evaluation and instructor-feedback, which is what the July camps will provide.   Additionally, due to CV, we must plan earlier to ensure the same quality of our all-around program that we are used to providing for our dancers. 


  1. Regarding the July ‘Mini Intensives’: If you have already booked training elsewhere in July (OR are otherwise traveling,etc.) during the mini intensives/’July Bootcamp Series’, please reach out to us so that we know to still consider your dancer (see below):
    1. Zoom opportunities for the mini intensives will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We will not be offering a straight virtual alternative to the community.
    2. If a prospective dancer is unable to attend a July mini intensive and Zoom is not an option, we will need to see a video submission by July 31st.  For information on virtual/video audition submission opportunities, including requirements, please reach out to
  2. Regarding the August ‘HDC Company Summer Intensive’: Unfortunately, there can be very minimal exceptions regarding participation in the ‘HDC Summer Intensive’ in order to participate in Company.  This is a standard requirement for all dancers, and is paramount to the process.  We understand that this is a difficult time and safety must come first; however, in the long run, students who are unable to attend in-person classes will not fully benefit from a competition team experience. Those dancers will be better suited to register for virtual training opportunities or recreational training classes that will be offered.  

Please note: participating in July Bootcamps and the HDC Company Summer Intensive does not guarantee the dancer a spot on the HDC Company.  All students can expect class placement in a curriculum appropriate to where they are in their dance experience and level.

Company Team Requirements and Expectations:

  • All students must try out for company teams at our annual week-long intensive training in August. If selected, students will be placed in the appropriate level team and classes by our staff.
    *For 2020-2021, our audition process will be held in 2-parts.  See ‘Company Audition’ page for details.
  • All company team members must be available for all competitions and are expected to attend all required classes and rehearsals with minimal absences. There are consequences for multiple, unexcused absences.
  • Team members are expected to compete in a *minimum* range of 2-4 dances if chosen.
  • Team members are required to participate in their regular class dances.
  • Team members participate in 4-5 weekend competitions and/or conventions, which consist generally of all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Competitions are typically held during the months of February-May, with nationals usually in late June or early July. There are periodically opportunities for our Team to compete and train in the Fall as well.
  • Team members are required to participate in the competition showcase, typically held in February or March of each year, as well as the end-of-year Recital.
  • Team members may be selected for small groups, special pieces, and solos/duets/trios at the discretion of the directors. Students are encouraged but not required to participate in special numbers.

  • Members are expected to be committed to the Team and actively participate in additional performance opportunities, team events, and generally serve the growth and betterment of the group as whole.

Limited spots for non-competitive Company level training are available in our program and are assessed on a case-by-base basis.  Call or email for more information on these opportunities to train on a higher level. 

Competitive Company Pricing

Competition students are required to have a minimum of 3-8+ hours in the studio per week, and monthly tuition ranges from $120.00-$230.00 per month. Pricing is based on the dancers age, level, and how many hours spent per week in the studio.

*Many parents have asked us why competitive tuition and related costs are more expensive than what applies to our recreational program. While we try to keep the difference at an absolute minimum, the reason for the slight increase is to help offset studio costs related directly to the competition program (extensive costume design, the higher fees of the instructors teaching the classes, music production, entry submissions, staff travel, etc). However, there are no extra charges for additional rehearsals scheduled prior to competitions or showcases, and there are no additional choreography fees for required pieces.

*Additional fees that may apply to comp and pre comp students:

  • Entry fees to the competitions (calculated based on the number of the students’ dances)
  • Costume(s)
  • Solos, duets, and trios are calculated separately and are not included in the base weekly hours.
  • Students may choose/be invited to learn a solo, duet, or trio but these pieces are not mandatory. Separate choreography and rehearsal fees apply to these routines and private rehearsals are scheduled between the student and choreographer.
  • A choreography fee may apply to small groups and/or other special group numbers Participation fee (a one-time charge) Prop fee (this only applies if there is a prop being made that is extensive and cannot be covered in the participation fee)
  • Recital fee

Pricing is based on the 2019-2020 dance season. Pricing is subject to change for the 2020-2021 dance season. 

Registration and Recital Fees

Registration Fee: All pre-comp and competition students pay an annual registration fee of $45 per student (or $60 per family).

Recital Costume Fee: Recital costume fees run from $70.00-$160.00 depending on which class the student is taking.

Recital Participation Fee: Recital fees help to cover all of the costs involved in presenting a professional production that all of our students and families can be very proud of!  Recital fees are $140 per student OR $165 per family (if siblings are dancing).  This fee includes: unlimited tickets to the show, recital t-shirt for the student(s), family program, award for the student(s), auditorium rental for dress rehearsal and the show, professional stage props and equipment, clean up crew, and a sound and lighting team who work backstage.

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