Private lessons are one of the best investments students can make into their dance education and training. A one-on-one lesson with a qualified instructor at HDC grows dancer’s confidence and allows the instructor to center the entire experience around the individual student. Privates can be used specifically for dance training and/or for rehearsing a previously choreographed solo or other special routine.

Private lessons can be scheduled by reaching out to our general mailbox or by contacting the instructor you would like to work with directly. Privates are scheduled either for a half hour or a full hour, and rates vary by instructor. Sometimes private lessons can be shared with another dancer.

The instructors that offer private lessons are:

Miss Brittany Vachon
Miss Brooke Hardiman
Miss Katelynn Pureza
Miss Michelle Pettine
Miss Cameron Corbett
Miss Rachel Palpant (ballet mistress) or

*For other HDC staff instructors not listed, to be placed with an instructor based on experience or dance style specialty, or for general private lesson questions please contact us.

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