With this scholarship, our desire is to give back to our HDC community and bless a dancer(s) who has a strong passion for dance, the arts, and learning. Our desire is to assist a dancer who may need it financially and who also displays admirable character qualities such as humility, a strong work ethic, coach-ability and commitment to their craft and the HDC team!

The following will be considered:

1. Student’s attendance in classes

2. Merit: talent, promise and dedication

3. Financial need

4. Willingness to volunteer in tangible ways throughout the season if selected for a scholarship

5. Commitment to HDC and respect for others

6. Evidence of our guiding principles:

  • Hard work and commitment to excellence
  • Constant Improvement and engagement
  • Servant leadership, coach ability and humility
  • Trust and respect for teachers and coaches

In order to apply, students need to do the following:

1. Fill out application by September 1st, 2020.

2. Answer our list of short essay questions to the best of your ability, and offer responses that are honest and meaningful to you

3. Submit a creative and/or inspiring video that showcases your talent and ability as well as exudes your love and passion for DANCE!  Email your video to

We are so excited to give back to our dance community by blessing a specific individual or individuals!  We have a total of $1500 to share, and we will share it in any of the following ways based on how we feel led:
1. All to 1 dancer- $1500
2. Split between 2 dancers- $750 each
3. Split amount 3 dancers – $500 each

The scholarship will be awarded via credit on dancer’s account ONLY, not a cash or check remittance.