Summer Programs

HDC PRESENTS: THE NEW BOOTCAMP SERIES! 2 WEEK LONG CAMPS IN JULY WITH 4 UNIQUE INTENSIVE OPPORTUNITIES TO TRAIN AND GROW! Limited class sizes for each age group, sign up early to get your choice of camp! Each individual 3-day intensive is $110. Sign-up for two of the 3-day Intensives or a full week of camp for $200 or sign-up for all four intensives and pay just $375!



July 13th-15th from 10:00am-1:00pm 
Cost: $110.00
Level 1 & 2 – Ages 7-11
Level 3 & 4 – Ages 12 & Up

This camp will focus on high quality active stretching, building muscle strength control & stability, extreme conditioning, and the overall growth of a dancer’s instrument; THE BODY!! We will challenge their balance & flexibility with some acro & yoga based training while also testing endurance and stamina along the way. We are confident that each dancer will learn more about their bodies and discover new things they could not do before!

Jump Higher, Stretch Further, Strengthen the Core, Tone the muscle, Back Flexibility, Legs for days, STRENGTHEN YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM AND YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU ARE LIMITLESS!!!

"TURN IT UP" (Hip Hop Intensive)

July 15th-17th from 2:00pm-5:00pm
COST: $110.00
Level 1 & 2 – Ages 7-11
Level 3 & 4 – Ages 12 & Up

This camp will focus on everything HIP HOP!  We are very excited to be bringing back an amazing hip hop camp with some amazing teachers this summer that will put the attention of growth on dancers’ musicality, isolations, rhythm, phrasing and so much more!  We strongly believe that no matter what particular style of dance one may “feel best” at, it is necessary and most beneficial for a dancer to train in multiple styles including Hip Hop..  This hip hop camp is going to be a blast.  It is designed to help dancers grow not only in this particular style of dance, but in so many other areas of their craft.   During these 3 days, we will exercise dancers musicality, isolations, body awareness, confidence, ability to pick up choreography, freestyle, and overall we hope to push each individual dancer to his/her next level, no matter age or ability.  

JULY 20th-24th // "ANIMAL PLANET DANCE CAMP" (Ages 3 to 6)

Animal Planet Dance Camp!

July 20th, 22nd and 24th from 9:30am-12:30pm
Cost: $120.00
Ages 3 to 6

**$50 nonrefundable deposit holds your spot, and payment is due in full by the first day of camp**

Are you ready to journey through the rainforest? Under the ocean?  Go on a fun safari adventure? Join us for Animal Planet Camp running July 20, 22, and 24. This fun and exciting dance camp is designed to spark creativity in young and beginner dancers! We will introduce jazz, lyrical, and tap dance inspired by all kinds of animal movements with themed songs. Students will be presented with beginner stretches, leaps, turns, choreography, creative improvisation, and innovative movement! Throughout the week we will have a few standout activities: dancers will be able to wear their favorite animal costume for our Wacky Wednesday, participate in animal-themed crafts, and even play water games outside as we adventure “under the ocean”. There will be themed treats, too! To end the week, we will go on an animal safari through the art of dance!

Additional Information:

  • Please have your dancer pack water, (a snack will be provided), sunscreen, ballet and tap shoes, and a beach towel. They can wear comfy, athletic clothes, or dancewear, to move and dance and on Wednesday wear their favorite animal costume!
  • Please let the HDC staff know as soon as possible of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Theme of the day!

  • Monday: Rainforest
  • Wednesday: Ocean
  • Friday: Safari



July 27th-29th from 10:00am-1:00pm
COST: $110.00
Level 1 & 2 – Ages 7-11
Level 3 & 4 – Ages 12 & Up

This intensive begins with the foundations of dance: classical ballet! Students will complete intensive barre work, across the floor exercises, and both allegro and adagio combinations center floor. Students will gain a deeper understanding of ballet technique and how to use it more effectively. They will increase in strength, purity of line, musicality, self-confidence, and focus. In addition to Ballet, we will also be focusing on improving and refining our Technique through strengthening exercises and progressions. Students will have the opportunity to learn from outside instructors in addition to our amazing in-house ballet teachers!


July 29th-31st from 2:00pm-5:00pm
COST: $110.00
Level 1 & 2 – Ages 7-11
Level 3 & 4 – Ages 12 & Up

This camp’s focus will be on combo/choreo classes in various styles of dance. Our goal is to improve dancers ability to pick up choreography quickly and accurately while also growing their passion and love for DANCING! We would like to see our dancers gain more confidence in their execution of choreography and better apply details to their bodies when taking classes. In each class we will focus on applying technique to choreography, while also focusing on the dancer’s connection to music and how they use their dynamics to take their dancing to the next level. Classes will include but are not limited to the following styles: Musical theatre lyrical contemporary modern ballet jazz jazz funk.



SAVE THE DATE: August 10th-13th
We are proud to host an amazing group of talented instructors who are renowned both locally and nationally!
  • $50 deposit will hold your spot
  • REGISTER NOW if you are interested in joining our company team!
  • MORNING SESSION: 8:45am-1:45pm **Staggered arrivals and dismissals will be planned for each session (details will follow once all registrations have been received)
    • Mini 8:45-1:30pm (ages 6-9)
    • Teen 9:00-1:45pm (ages 12-14)
  • AFTERNOON SESSION: 2:45-7:15pm
    • Juniors 2:30-7:00pm (ages 10-11)
    • Seniors 2:45-7:15pm (ages 15-18)

**We have a cap on the number of dancers per room that we are able to allow to register. Due to the limited numbers we can allow, Registration will be open until August 7th or reaching maximum capacity.